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Claim Stories

True Story

I have been working as an insurance agent since 2003. One day, a friend of mine called to tell me that one of his friends is immigrating to Canada. He asked me if I could come with him to pick him up at the airport because he needed a bigger car to accommodate everything. I am always pleased to be useful for someone in need.

As I went to pick up my new immigrant friend, never did it cross my mind that he will leave this world in two years. He was a smart young man, he had a good job, he made a lot of new friends and he had a family with two young children.

One evening, I met with him to talk about life insurance. I asked him if he knew about life insurance and whether he was interested in it. He said he already had insurance from work and he only planned on staying in Canada for a short time period. He refused to obtain more information about life insurance.

I will remember this conversation forever. After six months, I came to know that he had been admitted to the hospital under serious conditions. The next day, he went into a coma and later passed away. The cause of death was blood cancer.

It was disastrous for family. He had left behind: his wife; working $8.00/hour, his son; 14 years old and his daughter; 10 years old. His family got around $40,000 from his company group plan. I remembered when I had first met him when he landed in Canada and I was sorry for the family’s loss.

The story does not end here.

After six months, four of his friends came to me to learn about life insurance products. I spent around two hours with them and explained everything about life insurance and planning in detail.

They were serious about planning, but they had become busy again within their routine life. After four months, a family came to me to process their life insurance policy.

I have filled out all the forms and sent the policy in to be processed for approval of $500,000 for both husband and wife. After a month, the policy was approved and I went to deliver the policy to them.

It was very unfortunate that when I went to see them, I had come to know that the wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer just one day before and she has to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

I was shocked and felt great remorse because I could not do anything for them at that moment. It was unfortunate and had the client applied a little bit earlier, she could’ve had financial compensation.

Time is always moving forward, and sickness can come at any age. In recent years, life expectancy has increased but uncertainty has also increased. People get sick and die from cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Accidents, natural disasters, riots and terrorism acts happen very often in this world nowadays.

Summary of Story

Plan in order to stay ahead of the game. Plan today because anything can happen tomorrow. Time will never stop. It is easy to die but hard to live in this world. Think about your family, whom need financial support in your absence. Plan to protect all your financial liabilities today.

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Claim Stories

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