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Net Worth Analysis

Proper portfolio analysis is important to ensure that your assets are secured and allocated in order to fulfill your goals and avoid potential financial risk.

The various types of assets in an investor’s portfolio are directly connected to determine long-term investment returns

An investor’s ideal portfolio would be determined by the following: risk tolerance, personal income level, age range and investing time horizon. Depending on the magnitude of these factors, a portfolio mixture (equities vs. bonds vs. cash) can be determined to achieve the highest possible long-term return while decreasing potential short-term risks.

Portfolio analysis is a process, which requires a review of current portfolio asset allocation in order to determine whether the current allocation helps the investor achieve their financial goals without embracing potential financial risks. To achieve an ideal asset allocation, the investor must balance their portfolio with their maximum risk tolerance. Growth oriented assets is essential to avoid the long-term risk of inflation, but the rewards of growth orientated assets involve short-term risks of volatility and uncertainty.

A professional who has the required knowledge and expertise to properly evaluate all the different factors that affect the long-term performance of different assets can best conduct the analysis of an individual portfolio. Proper portfolio analysis is essential to long-term financial success because each asset allocation within a portfolio comes with various long-term and short-term risks

By measuring the magnitude of an investor’s short and long term investment goals against different investment possibilities and return probabilities, a professional financial advisor can assist an investor in determining an ideal portfolio to reach their goals.

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